Management Services


  • Preparation of, and attendance at, community meetings (member, board and committee); including, the annual meeting.

  • Recording, transcribing and maintaining of all meeting minutes.

  • Assisting in the procurement of insurance coverage for the association and board.

  • Overseeing and managing all vendor contracts to include bidding, hiring and monitoring of

  • Acquiring and maintaining all contractor and vendor IRS W-9 forms.

  • Providing federal 1099 Forms to non-incorporated vendors and contractors in accordance with federal tax laws.

  • Coordinating and expediting any CCRs document changes.

  • Overseeing gate operations and maintenance for each community with a gate (Unless managed by CDD).

  • Providing all communications for any violations.

  • Inspecting all landscaping.

  • Maintaining all association documentation.

  • Coordinating communications from regulatory agencies (Federal, State and Local).

  • Coordinating all accounting and financial services for the Board.

  • Coordinating and performing elections for each Association.

  • Providing ARB Guidelines, forms, process improvements, attendance, agenda and minutes.

  • Maintaining a roster of all lot or unit owners complete with mailing address as required by Florida Statutes.

  • Renewing the associations corporate charter, and arrange for other such licensing and recording provisions as required by law.

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